Undergraduate Course Content

On this page you will find the beginning of my journey into designing and developing web-based content. This content was created for University of New Mexico (UNM) Organizational, Information, & Learning Sciences (OILS) Program courses. This page has content created for my undergraduate courses.


The UNM OILS program is an excellent program for those intrested in learning about instructional technology, eLearning, and adult learning theory/methodology. Click here to visit the OILS web page.

On this page you will find:

  • Interactive courses using several types of authoring software.
  • eLearning/Online courses I have created.


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Early Undergrad Program eLearning Projects:

OILS 421 Individual Presentation

Journal Article Review: The Effect of Simulation on Clinical Performance

Web interactive presentation using a trial of the iSpring software. The iSpring software allows a course designer to convert a MS PowerPoint presenation into a web or SCORM format interactive presentation.


Later Undergrad Program eLearning Projects:

Improving Creativity Project

This large project has it's own page. The goal of this project was to come up with content that could be used to improve creativity of a team. At this time I was testing the Articulate Presenter 13 and Storyline 2 software. Both of these software packages allow a course designer to create eLearning in multiple formats. I have to admit that I went a bit nuts with this project and it is much larger than needed.

Click here to view the project.


Instructional Technology Repository Project

This is another large project with it's own page. This project was part of an OILS course where we explored instructional technology (Mostly software) and evaluated it based on a standard evaluation tool. We formally evaluated four diffrent software tools. In addition, I have links to other instructional software that I used in the course and daily. The content is Evaluation Forms in PDF format and video/flash demos of the software.

Click here to view the repository.


Technology Intergration Project

This is one of the last projects that I completed in the undergrad OILS Program. We evaluated, developed, and formally planned a course using the ASSURE method. ASSURE is a method of evaluating and implementing technology into a course.

Project Summary Video (MP4 format)

Actual Online Instructional Course (Interactive web content)

Full Written Project Report (PDF format) ...coming soon...