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OILS 543- Instructional Design

Course Project: Develop a course for a client using Instructional Design Methodology. Click on a link to view/download material from this project.


Background: The client is looking for a mini-course that teaches learners how to create 360 virtual tours using a Ricoh Theta S Camera and Kolor's Panotour Pro software. This mini-course is part of a larger course exploring technology and software for designers. (Primarly UNM Architecture and Film & Design program students.)


  • Tutiorial Video: Editing 360 Images in Photoshop
    • Removing the tripod or the individual holding a mono-pod in a 360 image is not a straight forward task. A special process is needed to remove the tripod without creating an odd "black hole" effect in the image. This video shows how to make this edit.


OILS 545- Cultural Issues in Teaching and Learning


Project: Poster for OILS EXPO 2017 and associated documents

OILS 532- eLearning Course Design


Storyline 2 Video Demo: Click here for video.

OILS 552- Team Development and Faciliation


Conflict- The Movie Click here for video

This video covers several types of conflict, Conflict Models, and Conflict Management Methods


OILS 500- Contemporary Instructional Technology


The final project for this course was to develop a instruction modules using Adobe Captivate. My module is an introduction to human circulation. The module take learners on a tour with a red blood cell as it moves through the body.


Click here to enter the module.



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