eLearning Portfolio

Intergrated web content is the future of online education and training. Online content is a great for enhancing face-to-face course or as a substitute for face-to-face courses. You do not need a learning managment system (LMS) to take advantage of online content. Instructors only need a web page and a little bit of web site development knowledge to take advantage of this technology.


Online or eLearning is a large part of my academic studies and work. Online courses allow me to reach more simulation students than is possible in face-to-face courses. Online knowledge repositories are transforming the way we work. Well created repositories allow the workforce to have a large amount of data at their finger tips. It is no longer possible to remember all the details of large and complicated jobs. The workforce needs to have a knowledge base that is easily accessed when needed and a knowledge base that is easy to search.


Below you will find a portfolio of academic and professional online and eLearning courses I have created over the years.

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