simminion (noun): A simminion is anyone involved in the education of students using any type of simulation technology or methodology. Simminions are educators, technical support personnel, IT support personnel, or administrator involved in simulation based education. True simminions strive to become masters in their craft and develop quality simulation that enhances learner outcomes.


NOTICE: WEB SITE UPDATE IN PROGRESS. PAGES MAY BE BLANK OR APPEAR ODD WHILE THE UPDATE IS PERFORMED. is a personal web page dedicated to the learning sciences, eLearning, Simulation Based Instruction, and it is the home of my web based projects from my formal undergraduate and graudate studies. has several objectives:

  • Develop and deploy online instruction and resources for fellow Healthcare and Simulation Educators. (Coming soon)
  • As a personal portfolio of eLearning/online instructional projects during my undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Location to test web-based instructional software.


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